Mettler Silk Finish Cotton 50 Thread

Silk Finish Cotton 50 large spool 1829m (2000 yds) - Click here





No. of


Linear Density


Size Nm


Strength cN


at break %

MT9105 50 150m/164yds 250 ca. Nm 53/2 (dtex 190*2) 80 - 90 ca. 1080 ca. 5
MT9104 50 500m/547yds 72 ca. Nm 53/2 (dtex 190*2) 80 - 90 ca. 1080 ca. 5

Raw material - 100% mercerized cotton    

Silk Finish Cotton 50 is made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton and is excellently suited for sewing and quilting.  This high quality thread boasts a luxuriously soft effect and has a supple feel.

Silk Finish Cotton 50 passes through a mercerization process which makes the thead very strong, heat resistant and has reduced shrinkage. This product is also available on a large spool - length 1829m (2000yds), for longarm quilting.

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